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Heel Fat Pad Syndrome. Heel fat pad syndrome is often caused by a decreased elasticity of the fat pad. A fall onto the heel from a height or chronically excessive heel strike with poor footwear can also lead to heel pain. Contributing factors: Increased age and weight decreases the elasticity of the fat pad. Answer.

Fat pad atrophy. Certain health conditions, including type 2 diabetes, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis, can contribute to the shrinking of the heel pad. Spurs.

Risk factors include obesity. Other conditions with similar symptoms include plantar fasciitis. Treatment includes rest, pain medication, and heel cups.

Regress heel pad atrophy

notion that plantar fat pad atrophy contributed to foot ulceration in diabetic patients. Many believed, and still do, that the fat pad cells begin to decrease in size owing to low perfu-sion to the fat pad as a result of microangiopathy associated with the increased glycation products that are characteristic of diabetes (7).

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Regress heel pad atrophy

The fat pad cushions the impact of the weight-bearing pressure points of the foot, allowing you to perform various activities and wear different types of footwear. Some health conditions and surgery complications can cause atrophy of the fat pad leading to painful effects. Fat pad atrophy is fat tissue breakdown that does not repair or reverse with time. This results in foot bones that are closer to the floor, not as protected, and in more pain. This can also occur normally due to the aging process. In high arched people, chronic stress over the fat pad can also cause it to shift forward and degenerate. The most common causes of plantar heel pain are plantar fasciitis, heel fat pad atrophy, calcaneal stress fractures, or entrapment of the tibial nerve, medial calcaneal nerve, or the first branch of the lateral plantar nerve (Baxter's nerve).
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Steroids do not address the cause of PF, and may even contribute to atrophy of the fat pad that protects the heel, creating more pain. More effective treatment options are available: Strapping or taping can relieve tensile forces on the plantar fascia, allowing healing to occur. Heel cups are often prescribed for plantar heel pain. The heel cup theoretically works by providing a direct extrinsic cushion effect and an intrinsic cushion by restraining the subcalcaneal fat pad from splaying at heel contact.
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Regress heel pad atrophy

In the heel, there is an atrophy of the thickness of the fat cushion and we often mistake this for plantar fasciitis when there is actually a loss of shock absorbency of the heel on impact. Distally, on the plantar aspect of the ball of the foot, there is fat pad atrophy, which is common as we age and is also present in various disease processes such as autoimmune conditions.

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